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Call to Action for 20 January 2018

Stop the agro-industry!

Together for peasant-friendly farming, healthy food, animal welfare, global peasant rights and fair trade!

Four more wasted years of agricultural politics in Germany? We cannot afford that! Now more urgent than ever we need more regional and eco-friendly farming and healthy food for all! But there is something stopping this change: the powerful agri-business lobby. Enough of that! We have to make sure that politics finally follow the interests of people, instead of helping corporations to gain more power. That's why we - the powerful, colorful, and loud “We are fed up!” movement - must stand up to corporations and hold the new government to account.


We are fed-up with the fatal reality of the agro-industry - and we know how to do it better:

  • Companies like Bayer and Monsanto are merging into ever larger mega-corporations, wanting power from the field to the plate - and earn billions with our food. The consequence: Food scandals, the use of glyphosate and increasing resistance to antibiotics, loss of biodiversity and polluted water, genetic engineering and patents on plants and animals. We want: Healthy food from farmers for all! For a food policy that promotes regional and sustainable food rather than on industrial mass production!
  • In mega-barns and slaughterhouses, where labour rights are often trampled on, the meat industry continues to trim animals for profit. But pigs, chickens and cows need straw, space and grazing land. The "always bigger" and "more intense" drives farms into ruin. Since 2005, one in three farms closed down in Germany. We want: An end to subsidies for the agro-industry! Germany's government must support a form of animal husbandry that puts animal’s welfare first!
  • Aggressive export strategies and failed agricultural policies are ruining farmers around the world. With plumenting prices and lincreased and grabbing, large corporations are pulling the ground from under the feet of farms in the global South and in Europe. Instead of hedging corporate interests with free trade agreements, we need secure access to land, water, seeds and food globally. Small and medium-sized businesses that keep their animals well and protect the climate and the environment must also be able to live off their products - everywhere. We want: An end to dumping exports, more support for peasants' rights and real change in farming at the global scale!


Food is political

Millions of farmers, peasants and food artisans all over the world work hard for change for better every single day. More and more people recognize that food is political and buy seasonal or organic or directly from the farmer. This shows us: good food and good farming for all is possible - now and into the future.

Let's Make a lot of noise at the International Agriculture Ministers’ Conference Meeting!

On 20 January, Germany's government is inviting agriculture ministers from all over the globe to the world's largest agricultural fair: Berlin's "Green Week."  Being the host of the International Agriculture Ministers’ Conference, Germany's government will be in the public eye. It's the perfect moment for us: While inside they want to decide about our food and farming, we will be outside to pressure for real change. 


Our proposals for a new food and farming policy are on the table. But: Germany's new government will only act if and when our protest in the streets becomes impossible to ignore. So grab your cooking pot (and a pair of earplugs) and join us to make noise for good food and farming - here and all over the planet!


Demonstration: 20 January 2018, 11:00 a.m. at Berlin's main train station 

Stop the global close-down of small farms  +++ For healthy, GMO-free food for all +++ For peasant's rights everywhere +++ For a future in the countryside and in the city +++ For a solidary Europe - Refugees welcome +++ For animal welfare and less meat consumption +++ For food sovereignty and fair world trade +++ For a bee-friendly agriculture that protects the climate & environment +++ For a CAP reform that is socially just, ecological and supports rural areas +++ For many young people in farming +++ Against the eviction of peasants around the world!

We are fed up with agribusiness! - We are farmers, food artisans, consumers, beekeepers, animal rights activists, environmental activists, activists working on development & cooperation issues, young and old folks from towns, the country-side and many more. We have been taking the streets for 8 years; demonstrating together for good food & farming. We stand for global solidarity and say no to racism and right-wing baiting - refugees are welcome!

We are fed-up with racism!

We say No to racism – Refugees welcome!